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@Jessica lame. a pen can be much more versatile than a finger

@mewmew did something lead you to believe we were the same?

@Jessica nah there use to be a gesture input feature actually called flicks.
i'd screencap but not using windows 7 rn :silly:

@Jessica i was about to say, sounds like something microsoft would do lol

@Jessica does windows 10 still have the pen flicks feature? i remember it being useful when using handwriting input

@Jessica i've never tried to use handwriting typing on gnu/linux.
actually i'm having difficulty drawing animu lol

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@overflow JavaScript, Node.js Express.js, Vue.js, AngularJS, jQuery, React, and of course Java.

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you wouldn't know her she goes to a different instance

my browser isn't rendering spaces on certain pages for some reason

@matrix Alternatively... "SJWs using Chinese Communist Party rhetoric for years"

@mobiletech I've been using Riot for a while. Be aware the desktop app is electron in case you don't like that.

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Mastodon upgrade was successful! Farewell OStatus

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