why even bother providing your source code if your docs don't properly explain how to compile and run it

this is your daily reminder that the probability of the sun spontaneously disappearing is non-zero

@nekojanai after running the install script for danbooru I manually installed ruby using rbenv: uwu.ryukyu/rbenvinstall

then I manually install postgresql 11 and created the user with createdb privilege

next I edited the .env with the db info and secret_token/secret_key values

then I ran these commands in danbooru dir: uwu.ryukyu/startdanbooru

finally I edited the nginx config that the script creates to point to the locally running danbooru app

hopefully i didn't miss anything lol

@nekojanai I got moebooru working on ubuntu 18.04 and danbooru on ubuntu 19.10.
if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them

check out the two new public services I added today! one is an encrypted pastebin, and the other is a link shortener. both are of course. thisisjoes.site/links.php

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