I try to use handwriting typing but it annoys me every time because I end up having to use the keyboard to make corrections

@Jessica i've never tried to use handwriting typing on gnu/linux.
actually i'm having difficulty drawing animu lol

@joe I've personally been using the Whiteboard app to doodle things out for class like math problems lol

@Jessica does windows 10 still have the pen flicks feature? i remember it being useful when using handwriting input

@joe They removed it but there's some special service you can fix it with

@Jessica i was about to say, sounds like something microsoft would do lol

@Jessica nah there use to be a gesture input feature actually called flicks.
i'd screencap but not using windows 7 rn :silly:

@joe Windows 10 now treats pens more like a touch screen than it used to

@Jessica lame. a pen can be much more versatile than a finger

@joe My tablet is a cheap $20 XP-Pen one but it has a great featureset for being so cheap.
a battery free stylus that can detect 8191 levels of pressure while having a super low latency

@Jessica i have a cheap Huion one. the pen is at least rechargeable lol


@Jessica nah it works well really. i'm still not very good at drawing though

@joe I heard of them having bad reliability issues and a pen that's the size of a marker

@Jessica well mine is 2 years old and the pen is uh...pen sized

@joe My pen is very light since all they need is a coil and a few chips, no charging necessary and the tablet is so thin that it's essentially a circuit board with a surface glued to it
@joe it does have a linux driver, but I've never tried it
@joe My tablet is considered more of a signature tablet than a drawing tablet, that being said, if you play osu, even this tablet is twice as big as you need. I would've gotten a bigger tablet, but I write small anyways lol
@joe This tablet gets easily scratched, so keeping the foam sleeve they give you is pretty nessessary if you want to keep it scratch free, i just happened to get a felt bag that fit it perfectly lol
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